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Died 27 December Muster , No Sentenced to 7 years at Middlesex Quarter Sessions.

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Richard Cross, a waiter in the refreshment room, stated that he served the prisoner with some refreshment, and saw him throw something under the table, which proved to be the purse of Mr Fitzgerald. After some further evidence, the prisoner was remanded for a week. The particulars of the previous inquiries have already been given, with the exception of the case which transpired yesterday.

The prisoner was fully committed for trial upon this, in addition to the former charges, and remanded till Thursday to afford time for other charges to be brought against him. The case has already been before the public. Reid, an officer at the theatre, had, however, entertained very strong suspicions of the honesty of the prisoner, and on the night of his apprehension kept a very sharp lookout.

He saw sufficient to justify his taking him into custody, and has since made four very complete cases against him. The evidence taken in the deposition was translated to the prisoner, who made no defence. Mr Chalie and Mr Fitzgerald were then bound over to prosecute, and the prisoner was fully committed. He was next indicted for stealing on the same night and in the same place a purse from Edward Fitzgerald, Esq, containing three sovereigns, his property. The property was found in the possession of the prisoner, and he was found guilty. Sentenced to be transported for seven years. There were two other indictments against him, but he was not arraigned upon them.

The most prominent symptom of the latter was the early [enchial] affection which was not mentioned in the journal but was visible from the start. Some other symptoms are mentioned and the surgeon discusses a similar case afflicting a seaman of HMS Winchester in the hospital at Halifax and the probable causes. In the case of diarrhoea the post mortem appearance resembled that of dysentery though there was no pain or tenesmus, or blood or lymph, until a few days before his death. Diarrhoea should not be classes among neuroses, as Dr Cullen suggests, because no nervous disease leaves behind so much disorganisation.

Strict cleanliness and ventilation were attended to and prisoners and soldiers kept on deck as much as possible. The windsails had to be enlarged to prove effective and this was only accomplished after repeated remonstrances and threats. There was a new wind sail of the proper size but the master refused to use it saying it was for the passengers on the homeward voyage. The proper size of the windsails should be specified in the charter agreement. He says that there is nothing more useful aboard than [chloride of? There should also be plenty of sand for dry holystoning the decks. I am a policeman, I produce a piece of silk, claimed by Mr.

King—I took it from the person of a man named Nelaton, in the shop of Mr. Bartram, a pawnbroker, in Princes-street, Soho.

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Cross-examined by MR. Is yours shop of considerable business? Had your shopman to go to some other part of the shop to match the silk? To the front—I remained with them the while—they paid me in the back shop—I was with them the whole time in the back shop till they paid me the 7 s. Do you recollect how they were dressed? I an almost certain Lemaire was in a black cloak, and I think the other in a reddish brown cloak—they appeared to me very large cloaks—I should think they were large enough to conceal this parcel—they were alone is the back shop while I went to get the 2 d.

Is the time they were in the back shop aline included in the quarter of an hour that they were there? I am in the employment of Mr. King some silver—he went into the front shop to get change—I was then at the front of the shop doing up the silk—that evening I found the piece of brown silk which they had brought to match—Mr.

King missed the levender silk next morning while I was out—I am sure this silk is his property—Lemaire had on a black cloak, and Nelaton a mixture of flowers and green—I imagine the cloaks were large enough to conceal the silk. Can you tell the time nearer than your master? No—I know Waterloo House. Is it not your duty to clear up the shop at night?

Yes—I did so that night, and missed nothing—Mr.

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King went to the desk to get change—I was at the right of Mr. King, nearer to the door—the counter was between me and the door. That is the counter of the front shop? Yes—not the counter at which the woman were—my eyes were fixed on them, though I was doing up the silk in paper. I am shopman to Mr.

Bartram, a pawnbroker, in Princes-street. Was your shop lighted up? No—it was not time—I am quite sure of that. I am a policeman.

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On the 22nd of April I called in to Mr. Duchene denied having sold the duplicates to Nelaton, but not having received them? On the 22nd of April I went with Hobbs to 38, A. I do not know Mr. King—I never entered his house—I never went out with the other prisoner. King as mistaken—I had no cloak on, but I had this shawl on.

I know a person who I suppose to be the husband of Madame Nelaton. Had you any particular reason for noticing the time you left Cockspur-street? Nelaton before—I think I have seen them both at our house before, and I have seen them in Thayer-street, where I believe they formerly lived—I have been in the habit of dealing with Mr. Nelaton—we have three Frenchmen in our house—I dealt with him for some bandanas and a piece of silk—nothing else; that was both in Thayer-street and Howland-street—once for silk and bandanas together, and once for silk—we had three dealings, not more—they were for my employers—I brought about six handkerchiefs altogether, and two pieces of silk—I was going about some bandanas on the 18th of April—that was one of the three dealings—I dealt for bandanas that day.

On the 18th of April, I recollect Mr. Were you there when the police-officers came and took all the things? Yes—they asked me about Duchene and about Nelaton, but I did not know who it was. Did not you tell him, Madame Nelaton had been out almost the whole day, that she came home late to a late dinner, and all the parties, she and her husband dined together?

No, not that Madame Nelaton—I said, Madame Duchene had been out with Madame Victoire—he did not ask me about Madame Nelaton—he asked me if my mistress had been at home that day or out—he did not ask me any names at all—he asked me who were out; if they were out, if I recollected any of them going out that day, but he did not say any name, to my recollection—I will not swear he did not—he did not say the name of Nelaton, nor my mistress,—I have lived seven or eight weeks with Madame Nelaton—I lived with them two days, in Thayer-street—Nelaton and Duchene dine together almost every day—I do not know what business Duchene is.

Does Madame Duchene lodge also at that house? Yes—no other lady lodges there. Is Madame Victoire there almost every day? Sentenced to 14 years at Central Criminal Court. Sentenced to 7 years at Central Court. Reference Number: t I am a patrol of Farringdon-street. How far do you think the gentleman had got? I cannot say, I was five or six minutes before I got to Holborn again.

Sixth Jury, before Mr. On 10 and 11 June convicts received from the Justitia hulk at Woolwich, on 14 June a further 51 from the Retribution at Sheerness, one of the Woolwich men had been discharged by order, on 5 July convicts were received from the Cumberland and 50 boys from the Euryalus hulks at Chatham. A further replacement was made when a convict from Woolwich became consumptive and was replaced with Benjamin Bailey from the Retribution hulk. This is borne out by the absence of any contagion or infection during the voyage, with the exception of the psora and tinea capitis.

The usual preventive measures were taken to ensure cleanliness and ventilation. In addition to the cholera cases there were 12 cases of diarrhoea which could have been classed as cholera in its mild form. Most cases of this disease [cholera] were close to collapse when the surgeon saw them and he was unable to use the lancet as much as he would otherwise have done. The surgeon used stimulants, antispasmodics, frictions, fomentations, sinapisms, warm clothing and the warm bath in treatment, but without effect.

The calendar contained cases of felony, and 27 cases of misdemeanours and assaults. Put on sick list, 21 August , at sea. Discharged, 4 September Sentenced to 7 years at Central Criminal Court. Folio William Burgess, aged 35, Convict; disease or hurt, diarrhoea. Put on sick list, 7 November Discharged to the hospital, 16 November He suffered profuse diarrhoea of several days continuance. CON,,,L,80 Assignment :??

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I am a market-gardener, and attend Convent-Garden market. I took him in charge, and received the coat from the prosecutor. The cart was loaded with manure—the coat was not on the basket—It laid in front of the cart—not inside it at all. I attended the market—I saw the prisoner take the coat from the front part of the cart—it was not loaded with baskets—there was no dung in it. Properly produced and sworn to. I was coming from the public-house, when I was accused taking the coat. Bridget Coleman, the wife of a labourer, gave the prisoner a good character.

Sentenced to 7 years at Kent Assizes.

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Johnson at Kangaroo Point Assignment? Sentenced to Life at Northumberland Assizes.